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water research

Natural Springs have been long known for their ability to heal. In the West we tend to lean on Science for proof before we take anything seriously, which is a shame, because I believe this highlights us as a population that have lost their instinct and connection with the surrounding nature . In recent years there has been many studies on water which have revealed some very interesting characteristics.


Dr Masaru Emoto a Japaneese scientist has discovered some of the amazing abilities water has. It seems that water can hold different structures depending on its where abouts or how it has been treated. Dr Masaru Emoto discovered that when you freeze dropplets of water then look at them under a microscope, depending on weather the water is from a tap, bottled water or Spring/stream, each drop freezes into a different pattern. The water from Taps and bottles freeze into distorted shapes while the water from a spring forms a beautiful crystalling pattern.











Emoto's other studies include: Measuring the energy contained in Japanese Spring water, compared to Muncipal tap water. The results where astonishing. The spring water measured 40,000 times more energy!


Please watch the video opposite and learn some beautiful things about the water many of us take for granted each day.


Tap Water                Spring Water




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