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Natural Springs UK™ is a community dedicated to locating and preserving our natural spring water supplies. We believe drinking water should be free and that large companies should not be taking control of our pristine waters and selling it back to us in order to maximise their despicable growth.


Today our beautiful planet is controlled by the hands of econimists, and unfortunatly they have zero understanding or connection to what this planet can give, only what they can take! why is this? ..... Because they were never taught ecology, which I believe should be the core foundation to anyone who can make such decisions towards the future of this planet..... Anyway this is could quite easily turn into a rant! so...... :)


We are building  a strong community of like minded souls who have the same vision: that if we let our water be controlled by these corporations, what will be next? AIR? (I'm serious by the way)


But after everything, we do have to remember that these huge Companies are supplying our demand! so its not all their fault... right?


On a lighter note.... For us its all about getting out  with the Children into our beautiful countryside, locating, registering Springs  for everyone to enjoy. (New interactive website coming soon).


In the future we will be organising expeditions, walks and various other events that will all be based around: WATER, NATURE AND BEAUTIFUL PEOPLE!


Please join us on our journey, thank you & hope to hear from you soon


Natural Springs uk

Water... The next oil?